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Pho: A Taste of Vietnam’s History

Vietnam is a world-class tourist destination because of its breathtaking landscape. But another thing it is famous for is its food, particularly its pho, which is not only uniquely and absolutely delicious, but has become like a mark of the country’s rich history and culture. There are many stories regarding the origin of pho. One […]

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Banh Gio: Hanoi’s Winter Snack

As the New Year is always anticipated throughout the world because of its festive mood and hope for a fresh beginning, it is even more so in Vietnam because of a particular food which is only available around this time – banh gio, a rice snack which is very affordable yet exceptionally delicious. Banh gio […]

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Steamed Sticky Rice: Phu Thuong’s Pride

Phu Thuong Village, also known as Phu Gia or Ga Village, has long been cooking several dishes as part of their tradition. Glutinous rice wine, stuffed sticky rice and steamed sticky rice are very much ingrained in the daily lives of the locals, the latter being the most popular. Steamed sticky rice or “Xoi Phu […]

Five Most Romantic Coffee Shops in Saigon

If you’re in Saigon and looking for good coffee or a nice place to simply hang out, there are five must-visit shops in Ho Chi Minh City that have been known for serving quality beverage, but most of all, for having interesting designs that have made them popular tourist destinations through time. Radio Coffee, Goc […]

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Rice Paper Cakes: My Long Delicacy

My Long in Ben Tre Province, Southern Vietnam is known for its rice paper cake because of its meaty, fragrant and simply delicious taste. Roasted over hot coal, the local delicacy is a favourite among locals and tourists alike with also three kinds to choose from, depending on one’s preference. Rice paper cake is made […]

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Falafel: Saigon Style

Falafel is one of the most famous street foods in the United States made from beans and vegetables and stuffed between sandwiches. Today, the popular American dish can be experienced in Vietnam thanks to the curiosity and determination of the local yoga instructor Sophia Pham. Pham encountered Falafel when she went to the United States […]

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10 Must-Try Dishes in Hanoi

When you’re in Hanoi, these are ten dishes you should never miss to make your trip complete: Banh Cuon. Banh Cuon or rice noodle roll is basically steamed fermented rice batter spread out into a thin, wide sheet and stuffed with seasoned ground pork, minced wood ear and minced shallots. It is best served with […]

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Italian Cuisine Attracts Vietnamese Taste

In the past, Italian restaurants in Vietnam used to be patronized by foreigners only. But today, through the influence of social media, advertisements, books, magazines, movies, television and other modern technology, Vietnamese locals have learned to appreciate the foreign taste. Young Vietnamese women in particular frequent Italian restaurants nowadays both for the ambience and the […]