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Phu Luu Village: Gem of Bac Ninh

Phu Luu Village is a popular part of Bac Ninh Province because of its exceptional trading practices and remarkably intelligent individuals with a high degree of urbanization while preserving its culture and traditions. Also known as Giau Village or Giau Market, Phu Luu Village has been in the trading business since the 15th century. Any and […]

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Jade Island: A Unique Fishing Experience

Especially in the summer or on vacations, we usually think of the sea right away and imagine swimming, sunbathing, walking along the beach shore and other activities associated with it. While the beach is always a good idea, there are more activities we can enjoy at the sea that are uncommon but just as, or […]

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The Mystery of the Elephant Hunters’ Tomb

While a tourist destination usually equates to beaches, adventure parks and other natural or commercial establishments, there’s a unique site in the Central Highlands of Dak Lak that will attract those who are looking for history, culture and a little bit of mystery. This is the tomb of Gru, the tomb of the mighty elephant […]

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Sahara Desert: Vietnam Style

Tuy Phong District in the Binh Thuan Province is characterized by its long periods of dry season and in fact “highest speeds of desertification.” But instead of being a disadvantage, it has in fact turned this harsh weather condition into something positive, even a tourism attraction. The government became creative and made giant sand dunes, […]


Ba Khan: Little Ha Long Bay

With its spectacular landscape and pure natural beauty, Ba Khan Plain resembles Ha Long Bay in so many ways, but in a smaller scale and mostly a secret from the general public. Situated along Da River and below Thung Khe Mountain Pass, Ba Khan is a hidden gem of lush forests, charming ponds and mesmerizing […]