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Loc Yen: Quang Nam’s Paradise

Loc Yen is an old village in Tien Phuoc District in the Central Province of Quang Nam that is known as “paradise land” because of its breathtaking natural and man-made beauty. If you’re in Vietnam or planning to visit, it’s something worth discovering.

Loc Yen is said to have been discovered in the late half of the 18th century by Nguyen Cong Tuyet, a resident of Tan Phuoc Village (now in Tam Ky City) who ventured into the area while looking for a place to cultivate land and actually settle in. Bringing along other people with him, he knew right then and there that it was the perfect place he was looking for because it was situated in a serene location at the bottom of a mountain with a vast area of rice fields just ahead. The village was embraced by many mountain ranges (Rung Cam, Da Ban, Ho Cho, Rung Gam). A number of streams and channels bringing water from the mountain also ran through the village.   

Because of its rich natural surroundings, Loc Yen is blessed with a cool climate which brings beautiful, colorful flowers in spring; golden rice fields and a yellow blanket of Sua flowers in the summer; and the one-of-a-kind Lon Bon in early autumn, a fruit which is distinct only in the village.  

Stone fences are also something which Loc Yen is famous for because it is difficult to find such a thing in all of Vietnam. These are century-old stones which were carefully preserved by the previous residents in the village. Filled in with clay, big and small, they are placed on the sides of local houses, neatly arranged and covered with green moss – a rustic, charming sight to see. Stone roads and walls can also be seen all throughout Loc Yen.  

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Loc Yen is also abundant with tea trees which are pruned expertly and lined beautifully along the path. Nine timber houses made of jackfruit timber and are over a hundred years old can also be found in the village. Jackfruit timber is perfect for carving and to be made into posts and beams.

Nguyen Dinh Hoan’s house is one of the most beautiful and has become like a tourist destination because of its intricate design and patterns. It is almost 200 years old and a fourth generation house. It was built in three years by master artisans from Van Ha Village, Phu Ninh District, Quang Nam Province. In fact, it is so beautiful that the past South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem is said to want to buy it and have made three offers but each time, the owner refused. Dong Viet Mao’s timber house is also considered one of the best. It is more than 150 years old and designed with an entrance, main room, side rooms, cattle shelter, poultry and a fish pond.   

Before 1970, some villagers sold their houses because the offers were too big to resist. But from 1980 onwards, they realized the cultural value of their homes and wouldn’t sell their houses anymore no matter how huge the price tag was.

With so much natural beauty and rich history, it’s no wonder that Loc Yen is called Quang Nam’s “paradise land.” The local government is making sure to take care of this blessing by developing its community-based tourism to bring in more visitors and promote the place.  

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