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Hanoi Opera House to Offer Guided Tours

Patterned after the world-renowned Palais Garnier concert hall in Paris, the Hanoi Opera House is hailed as one of the most beautiful music halls in the whole world. It was built in 1901 in a grand French architecture and since then has been booked almost the whole year playing world-class music to international audience. Because […]

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Mekong Delta: Bridging the Future

Since Vietnam’s reunification 42 years ago, the lives of the people have changed for the better, and Mekong Delta is one of the regions which have been blessed with such progress. What used to be a backward “water community” is now a thriving land of traders, tourism and more opportunities. Mekong Delta is called the […]

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Lessons from Vietnam

Since the beginning, Japan has built a reputation for its rigid discipline when it comes to work and school. But when a woman committed suicide in 2015 due to too much pressure in the office and made headlines all across the world, it begged the question of what are the boundaries of discipline? Vietnam is […]

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Sahara Desert: Vietnam Style

Tuy Phong District in the Binh Thuan Province is characterized by its long periods of dry season and in fact “highest speeds of desertification.” But instead of being a disadvantage, it has in fact turned this harsh weather condition into something positive, even a tourism attraction. The government became creative and made giant sand dunes, […]