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Tourists in Vietnam Increasing, Expenditures Still Low

Tourists visiting Vietnam have been increasing, but their spending behavior has remained low especially among foreign visitors.

This information is based on the data gathered by the Vietnam National Tourism Administrative which reported that from January to November of 2017, the country welcomed 11.6 million international visitors. This is equivalent to a 27.8% increase compared to the previous years.

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According to the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board Secretariat, Chinese tourists spend an estimated 638 USD per person on average, while visitors from other countries around 943 USD.

The tourists’ spending is reported to be especially low on Vietnamese goods compared to services.     

By the end of 2017, tourist arrival in Vietnam is expected to rise to 12.8 million. 45.6% of this figure is seen to be Asian visitors.

This expected increase in tourists entering Vietnam hopes to see an increasing in their spending as well. 

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