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Tuong: Traditional Meets Contemporary

One of the highlights of this year’s Tet is a Tuong presentation by 30 of the classical drama actors from Dao Tan Theatre in the Central Binh Province. They will go around Ho Chi Minh City to showcase their talent and the beauty of the traditional art form as a whole.   Tuong started in […]

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Tri Ton: Ta Pa’s Pride

Ta Pa Mountain is a popular tourist destination because of its seven peaks named That Son which literally means “seven famous mountains.” Located at An Giang Province District, it is a breathtaking sight of majestic mountain ranges, cliffs, lake and overall natural beauty.   It is said that Ta Pa’s mountain ranges and cliffs look […]

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Pa Sy Waterfall: The Second Da Lat

Mang Den is not your typical tourist spot with commercial amenities and other modern features. But for the nature lovers, this is heaven on earth with its untouched pine forests, majestic waterfalls, enchanting lakes and quaint villas all situated in naturally fresh and spectacular environments. Among its many natural jewels, its waterfalls and lakes are […]