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Collapsing My Son Relic Losing Beauty

My Son Relic is in danger of destruction as large cracks and sinkage have been found at the cluster of two ancient Hindu Temples. Deputy Director of the management board of My Son Relic Nguyen Cong Khiet stated that the B3 and B5 temples are currently in serious condition because of the discovery and that […]

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Italian Cuisine Attracts Vietnamese Taste

In the past, Italian restaurants in Vietnam used to be patronized by foreigners only. But today, through the influence of social media, advertisements, books, magazines, movies, television and other modern technology, Vietnamese locals have learned to appreciate the foreign taste. Young Vietnamese women in particular frequent Italian restaurants nowadays both for the ambience and the […]

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Vietnam Real Estate Attracts Foreign Investors

While Vietnam’s real estate market seems to be going down, it’s also actually attracting foreign investors at the same time, triggering a strong trend of Buying & Selling and Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) in the particular sector in the future. From January to August of 2013, Vietnam reeled in more than US$12.63 billion […]