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Italian Cuisine Attracts Vietnamese Taste

In the past, Italian restaurants in Vietnam used to be patronized by foreigners only. But today, through the influence of social media, advertisements, books, magazines, movies, television and other modern technology, Vietnamese locals have learned to appreciate the foreign taste. Young Vietnamese women in particular frequent Italian restaurants nowadays both for the ambience and the food itself.


Ciao Bella at 11 Dong Du St, HCMC,  is one of the best Italian diners in Vietnam. The restaurant design and food is authentic Italian, giving one the feeling of being in the country itself. The menu is filled with sumptuous meals, among which is Tiramisu, the restaurant’s bestseller. Literally meaning “pick me up,” Tiramisu is a world-famous dessert made of very light chocolate pudding; made up of several thin layers of mocha-flavored whipped cream; has a rich, strong coffee smell; and has a creamy, smooth taste. This particular Italian creation has won the approval of the Vietnamese that they call Italians “people from Tiramisu country.” A slice of the heavenly cake costs VND135,000 (US$6) at Ciao Bella.


Ciao Bella’s 50 other dishes are a hit among its clients as well, including its risotto, ravioli, pasta and pizza. Risotto is a spicy creamy broth composed of butter, wine and onion and can be topped with slices of Parmesan cheese. It is best served as appetizer. It is priced at VND265,000 (US$13).


Pomodono is a traditional Italian spaghetti with tomato, mushroom, beef and black pepper. It is a combination of sour, bitter and sweet tastes. Ciao Bella presents this dish in a big white plate and topped with slices of fresh cheese. It costs VND110,000 (US$5).


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Ravioli is another popular Italian meal which is basically a dumpling made of chicken breast pieces and vegetables placed between layers of thin egg pasta dough and served with sauce. It costs VND150,000 or US$7 at Ciao Bella.


As a treat to its customers, Ciao Bella offers homemade limoncello, a famous Italian liquor made from lemons, as a complimentary drink.


Considering its elegant ambience and international quality meals, Ciao Bella’s food is reasonably priced, which makes it all the more appealing not only to the foreigners but to the local Vietnamese people as well.

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