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Ca Hue: Old Music, New Ears

Ca Hue is an ancient form of music that is catching the interest of the new generation, a delightful surprise for both its propagation and preservation. Ca Hue is an archaic form of music which dates back 500 years ago. Also known as “The Hue Tune,” it is said to be similar to other Vietnamese […]

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Northwest River: Legendary, Simply Beautiful

Running through not one but three provinces, Gam River is a formidable sight in the North. Practical and poetic, it draws many people from around the world to witness its beauty and power. Known as a sapphire river, Gam River is situated between steep rock cliffs, creating a totally dominant sight. Majestic waterfalls and thick […]

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Con Dao Islands: Home to Sea Turtles

Con Dao Islands is famous for its pristine waters and overall breathtaking scenery. And it is this untouched, natural state that makes sea animals converge to the area, especially sea turtles which are rare nowadays. The sea turtles can specifically be found at Con Dao National Park, at Bay Canh Island, which is not very […]

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34 Tourism Projects in Quang Binh Invites Investments

Covering the periods of 2015-2020, Quang Binh has created 34 projects in the field of tourism. With a total capital of more than 23 trillion VND (1.03 billion USD), investments are seriously needed to get the projects in motion. The said projects were established in order to upgrade the socio-economic development of the central province. […]