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Northwest River: Legendary, Simply Beautiful

Running through not one but three provinces, Gam River is a formidable sight in the North. Practical and poetic, it draws many people from around the world to witness its beauty and power.

Known as a sapphire river, Gam River is situated between steep rock cliffs, creating a totally dominant sight. Majestic waterfalls and thick forests also decorate the view. It runs through the provinces of Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang. Because of its large coverage, it serves as the source of water of several nearby villages. Gam River is famously called the “flowing hair of a sleeping, mountainous young lady” on ordinary days, but during the rainy season, it can bring so much flood that it is also feared as the “cruel, screaming woman.” Thus, the local residents believe that it embodies the purified spirit of the mountains and jungle.

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Like the Gam River, the Nang River in Ba Me Town is named the “lake on the mountain” which gives both a feeling of victory and peace to people who conquer it because of its difficult terrain. Both rivers produce rare species of fish, specifically in Cao Bang and Ha Giang provinces, such as the Po Cung river shrimp and Anh Vi fish. The former has a unique sweet and delectable taste, while the latter is known for its high price because it is said to be served to the king in historical times.

As long as you’re in the area, there are other equally beautiful places worth visiting. The Dong Van rock plateau at Ha Giang is considered nature’s work of art. The buckwheat flower field, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Co Tien Mountain, Ba Be Lake and Lung Cu Flagpole are popular destinations in the Northern province.

For tourists who plan to stay longer, homestay services are available, cheap but highly recommended accommodations for those who want an authentic feel of traditional provincial life.

The Gam River is also known as a legendary river, and it definitely stays true to that name. Overall, the Northern province is something everyone should discover, natural beauty in all its splendour.


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