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Preserving the Art of Fish Sauce

Since the 19th century, making fish sauce has been the source of livelihood for Nam O Village. And in today’s modern times, Nam O residents are more determined than ever to preserve not just an income-generating business but a long-time tradition that has turned into an art and needs to be passed on for even generations […]

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Bull Racing, Vietnam Style

Every year at Mekong Delta, Bay Nui (Seven Mountains) Region, An Giang Province, people look forward to the Dolta Festival, an annual celebration made up of colorful costumes, cultural shows, parades, dancing and family dinners. But perhaps most of all, people come in hoardes in anticipation of the popular chariot racing, Vietnam style. Dolta Festival […]

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Bacaro: Nha Trang’s Newest Destination

Vietnam’s coastline is a myriad of tourist destinations that attract visitors from all over the world all the time. Nha Trang for one is among the favorites as the place is a haven of perfect climate, exciting nightlife, delicious food, and stunning beaches, among others. But as tourists continually look for fresh and fun places […]