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Bacaro: Nha Trang’s Newest Destination

Vietnam’s coastline is a myriad of tourist destinations that attract visitors from all over the world all the time. Nha Trang for one is among the favorites as the place is a haven of perfect climate, exciting nightlife, delicious food, and stunning beaches, among others. But as tourists continually look for fresh and fun places to explore, beach hotspots in the area at the same time have to keep up with their clients’ needs and wants and be competitive in their business as a whole.

Bacaro is the newest attraction at Nha Trang that earned instant popularity for its elegant features such as stunning beach-side villas, picturesque grounds, and its ever-famous “destination dining.” Located at the tip most part of Turtle Bay, it offers a stunning yet at the same time peaceful view while guests enjoy both local and international cuisine. LB’s Bar offers an amazing view of the sunset, palm leaves and sampan fishing boats, while the Amiana is a five-star resort which offers world-class standards.

Bacaro is designed to give its diners a taste of everything, serving a blend of different dishes from local delicacies, a la carte dining, themed buffets to foreign cuisine. And to give its guests a divine dining experience, the restaurant is decorated with a mix of both natural and modern elements for both a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. It is situated across the resort’s freshwater infinity pool with coconut tree trunks placed as pillars and wooden fans carved into the shape of coconut leaves. The overall result is a spectacular dining area that will truly give its guests an unforgettable dining experience.

Among Bacaro’s international menu choices is the Italian Ciccetti, a kind of Italian tapas. It costs VND350,000. Its local specialties include a home-style Nha Trang claypot, fresh banh cuon and banh xeo. Bacaro also serves cicchetti, a popular meal usually composed of small sandwiches and cured meats. But the restaurant stamps its own signature to the dish by adding a modern twist to the original recipe.

Other meals include Black Angus beef tartar with quail egg and forest mushrooms at VND110,000; Bruschetta calabria served with cherry tomatoes, olives and goat cheese crumble at VND110,000; Hummus with spicy lamb cutlet served with garbanzo bean mash and rubbed with a generous blend of harissa at VND120,000. This particular meal is one of the diner’s most famous creations since the lamb is always fresh and seared to medium-rare perfection, something which is difficult, if not impossible, to find in all other diners in Vietnam. The dish is accompanied with garlic flavors and hummus, an ideal combination of different elements all in one meal.

Local Nha Trang specialties include a variety of barbequed seafood dishes, guaranteed fresh as thet are harvested everyday from the vicinity waters. Black Tiger prawns cost VND120,000 per 100 grams while bay scallops cost VND140,000, wrapped in pancetta with mango salsa. Amiana-cured salmon with orange balsamic pickled beetroot served with rocket and parmigiano is another original creation of the restaurant and costs VND150,000.

Bacaro also offers a rich selection of desserts for sweet tooth diners like cheesecakes, tarts and flavored tiramisus. The Australian blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake is highly recommended at VND80,000. Of course, wine and cocktail is included in the menu, and the place offers an international selection to perfectly compliment each dish. The New Zealand Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc tops the list. But guests also have the option to order a cocktail drink outside the menu, with a reasonable charge of only VND110,000.

With its world-class cuisine, breathtaking view, and overall feeling of serenity, Bacaro and Nha Trang as a whole has definitely kept up and even stepped up to the competition. Bacaro celebrated its first anniversary last month and is expected, guaranteed to celebrate many more anniversaries in the future.

Photo by Filename: bacaro

Photo by
Filename: bacaro

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