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Vietnam Bridge Wins Award for Engineering Excellence

The Rong (Dragon) Bridge of Danang received the highest recognition for Outstanding Engineering Accomplishment in the Structural Systems Category by winning the Grand Award in the 2014 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) held on April 30 in New York.

The EEA is a yearly contest conducted by the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York) to determine and honor outstanding engineering accomplishments all over the world. It is considered the Academy Awards of the engineering industry.

Rong Bridge was acknowledged for its one-of-a-kind structural design which “harmoniously combined aesthetics and utility as well as socio-economic and technical values.” It strategically yet beautifully merged both the function of the bridge and the culture of Vietnam. It was designed by Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers and Louis Berger Group Inc., American-based companies. The bridge is 66 meters in length and has six lanes. It is the seventh bridge constructed to cross the Han River, cutting the travel time from Danang International Airport to the city center.

According to Vo Duy Khuong, Vice Chairman of the Danang City People’s Committee, Rong Bridge is the pride of Danang. Aisde from its world-class standards when it comes to technique, structure and architecture, it is considered a symbol of peace and goodwill because it connects Vietnam to the world.

The designers of Rong Bridge themselves were honest to admit that they did not expect to win since the competition was tough with many other eligible contenders vying for the coveted prize. But besting all the other contestants definitely made the triumph more rewarding.

Rong Bridge officially opened on March 2013.

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