Microsoft and Vietnam Government Work Together to Launch e-Government

Information and communications technology is almost no longer a luxury than a necessity nowadays. Whether it’s for personal, business or public use, the importance of being informed and updated today is a necessary tool in order to move forward and progress. When it comes to government transactions, the same is true as realized by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. That is why in 2015, it partnered with the Department of Information and Communication and the International Data Group (IDG) Vietnam in launching the e-Government with the mission to “empower municipal governments, organizations, businesses and citizens to build and develop future community in a more dynamic and effective way.”

When it comes to information technology, Microsoft is among the world’s leading company. And its CityNext is its top bet in solving even the most complicated IT needs. CityNext targets consultancy; development and deployment of comprehensive solutions for e-government; e-health; smart transportation; energy; water; public safety; tourism; justice; infrastructure; recreation; and culture. It works by collecting all the best possible solutions for the said areas and then transmitting it directly to both governments and private businesses and citizens, saving resources in the process. CityNext functions in real time so there is a guarantee of transparency and community development between the state and private sector.

Danang City has implemented specific ICT applications such as Cloud-based Data Centre model with open platforms including Window Server 2012 R2, System Centre 2012 R2 and Data Centre 2012 in assisting e-government infrastructure. The technology has also proved to be very helpful in the health department as it has provided efficient health and social services. Moreover, Microsoft has even collaborated with health organizations, communities and other potential partners in providing high quality health care that is also affordable at the same time. Both health providers and beneficiaries can benefit from this technology by having access to the information and equipment anytime and anywhere with the assurance of security all throughout.

According to the e-Government Development Index report by the United Nations in 2014, Vietnam placed 99th out of the 193 countries all over the world, and 26 out of 47 in Asia. The selection was based on the following criteria: online services, tele-transportation infrastructure and human capital. In the Global Networked Readiness Index survey conducted by the World Economic Forum in April 2015, Vietnam ranked 85th out of 143 countries.

At the same time as the National Conference, a Technology Exhibition was also conducted, offering solutions in areas such as Communications Infrastructure, Data Centre, Big Data, Cloud Computing, National Authentication Centre, Connection Centre, Management and Typical Data Sharing Solution, Information Security, e-Health Record, Traffic Management, Supervision Products and even more. Participants even had the chance to ask questions, all for the hope of creating the best possible IT environment for Vietnam.



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