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Tri Ton: Ta Pa’s Pride

Ta Pa Mountain is a popular tourist destination because of its seven peaks named That Son which literally means “seven famous mountains.” Located at An Giang Province District, it is a breathtaking sight of majestic mountain ranges, cliffs, lake and overall natural beauty.


It is said that Ta Pa’s mountain ranges and cliffs look like castle walls which are one-of-a-kind, if not strange, but magnetic in their beauty. Rough rock pillars serve as feature to the whole structure and the rocks come in varying sizes and shapes, all adding to the mysterious beauty of the edifice.


At the peak of the mountain is the Ta Pa Lake which is famous for its deep, clear emerald colour. Although it only came to existence after a mining operation in the area, it intensified the inner beauty that the place already possesses. The rocks at the bottom create a rainbow of colours of blue, black, orange and yellow, all in different marvellous shades. At seventeen metres deep and the nearby mountains as view, it is a sheer thing of beauty.

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One of the highlights of Ta Pa is Tri Ton, located in Can Tho City in the Western side of the Delta. True to any provincial setting, it is bathed in lush rice fields, imposing mountains, thick palm trees and all other beautiful things a countryside brings.


The way to Tri Ton may be a little difficult because of bumpy roads, construction, traffic and unpredictable weather, but it is all worth it once you arrive at your destination. The spectacular natural scenery more than makes up for the challenging trip. Moreover, there are many diners along the way, so travellers won’t go hungry. There are small and high-end restaurants, but street foods are most recommended to give one an authentic feeling of what’s it like living in the area. Food at Tri Ton and Ta Pa in general is delicious and affordable.


Whether you’re looking for an escape from city life or simply a nature lover, Ta Pa and Tri Ton are ideal destinations which will bring not only temporary but lasting feelings of peace and beautiful memories of the place. Moreover, it will make you appreciate the overall natural beauty of Vietnam which will make you come back for more.





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