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Pa Sy Waterfall: The Second Da Lat

Mang Den is not your typical tourist spot with commercial amenities and other modern features. But for the nature lovers, this is heaven on earth with its untouched pine forests, majestic waterfalls, enchanting lakes and quaint villas all situated in naturally fresh and spectacular environments.

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Among its many natural jewels, its waterfalls and lakes are among its pride with their breathtaking view and definitely powerful image. As such, it is popularly known as the place of “seven lakes and three waterfalls” which has a resemblance to the equally famous legend of the Pling the genie.


Pa Sy Waterfalls is a must-visit with its vast 25-hectare area and pure, strong beauty. Pa Sy literally meaning “three streams coming together” in the local language, the waterfall was formed from three of the largest streams in Mang Den. Situated in the centre of the Central Highland Forest which is very big and lush, it is quite majestic at 45 metres high and surrounded by gorgeous red pines. The traditional communal houses of stilt and rong built near the waterfall add to the total charm of the sight.


To add a little adventure to the experience, visitors have to take a long 186 steps down before reaching the waterfall. But sitting in a rong house afterwards while enjoying the locally made banana wine and other delicacies make the trip worthwhile. Pa Sy is fairly new having opened only two years ago in Mang Canh Commune but is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.


While Pa Sy Waterfalls is one of Mang Den’s pride, the place also boasts of other lovely sites such as the garden of statues which displays 100 wooden statues made by local artists. Each statue showcases what the local residents do every day. Thus, there is a statue of a woman weaving, a man hunting, a family going to the mountain fields, women dancing, among others.


But aside from statues of people, animals are also showcased since they are important to the forest and overall life in Mang Den. In fact, the statues are so beautifully made that researchers from different places are intrigued and visit the place to study not only the sculptures but also the various ethnic groups and overall culture of the Central Highlands.


Mang Den is located 1,200 metres above sea level and about 50 kilometres North of Kon Tum City, Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province. It began operating as an eco-tourism site only in 2014 but has since received over ten thousand visitors just a year after. Known as the “Second Da Lat” in the Central Highlands because of its naturally breathtaking view, it is expected to attract even more tourists, foreign and local alike, in the near future.



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