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Ngoi Village Pottery: World Class Art, World Class Vietnamese Culture

Pottery at Bac Giang Province started centuries ago, but it took quite a long time before it made its mark in the international market. Today, it is an integral part of the domestic ceramic industry and exported to foreign countries such as Japan, India, Egypt and Europe.

Pottery in the province could be found in different areas and had its own identity, but all symbolizing Vietnamese culture. Bat Trang pottery for example is characterized by vibrant paints and colours, while pottery at Phu Lang has an enamel gloss finish. Tho Ha Village and Quang Minh also produce unique pottery work which is not only amazing but international quality.

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While most pottery brands in the province has been around for some time, that of Ngoi Village is a new name, but one that surely stands out because of its one-of-a-kind technique that is simple yet truly reflective of wonderful Vietnamese culture. It uses brown ceramic as pottery material. Its products have a distinct rough surface, intricate embossed patterns and national characters. They are also usually huge, wall-sized to somehow highlight its pride for its culture. Designs vary from vases; garden light; decorated bricks (lotus, taro leaves, rice leaves or brocatelle); and Chi Pheo, Thi No and Lao Hac characters.

The beauty of Ngoi pottery is so exceptional that it has been displayed in many trade fairs and exhibitions such as the “APEC Image and Vietnamese Cultural Heritage” exhibition in 2007. The Vietnam Association of Handicraft Villages recognized Ngoi pottery as a “quintessence of handicraft villages.” Ngoi pottery is one true representation of Vietnamese culture, of why it stands the test of time.

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