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Jade Island: A Unique Fishing Experience

Especially in the summer or on vacations, we usually think of the sea right away and imagine swimming, sunbathing, walking along the beach shore and other activities associated with it. While the beach is always a good idea, there are more activities we can enjoy at the sea that are uncommon but just as, or even more, fun and especially unforgettable. Fishing at Rach Vem Village on Dao Ngoc, Phu Quoc, Ken Giang Province is one such unique experience that everyone will surely always remember in their vacation memories.

Rach Vem is a tiny fishing village in Dao Ngoc, also known as Jade Island. It is a small community with only 170 households. It is one of several fishing villages in the island, but the most immaculate being untouched by commercial hands.

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Tourists will be treated to a first-hand experience of a typical life at the village by feeding the fishes, arranging the cages, and catching squid, just to name a few. Waking up early offers a glimpse of the beautiful sunset and catching the fishermen at work tossing their nets, catching fish and selling them at the market.

Seafood is guaranteed to be flowing and fresh all the time since guests can request to have it cooked right after it has been caught. Bop or cobia is the most common fish in the place which the residents raise themselves in their households in cages. Grilled bop with chilli and pepper or bop hotpot are the best ways to serve and enjoy the fish.

And unlike most profit-oriented beach resorts today, the waters of Rach Vem are crystal clear with powder-white sand, all pristine. Moss, seaweed, starfish and other sea creatures are a natural sight. Coconut trees are abundant and one can walk along the shore or lie down on the sand in complete peace. Moreover, the local people are very friendly and accommodating, assuring you of a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll surely want to come back to.


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