Five Most Romantic Coffee Shops in Saigon

If you’re in Saigon and looking for good coffee or a nice place to simply hang out, there are five must-visit shops in Ho Chi Minh City that have been known for serving quality beverage, but most of all, for having interesting designs that have made them popular tourist destinations through time.
Radio Coffee, Goc Hanoi, Lao Hac Quan, Nha Minh 80s and Cafe ’81 are small, simple but charming coffee shops that have their own unique characteristics and have attracted both the local people and foreign tourists.
Radio Coffee is located at Hoa Sua Street, Phu Nhuan District and became famous for its interior design of vintage items such as televisions sets and sound system. Diners can have a relaxing time drinking coffee while listening to classical music.
Goc Hanoi on Bui Vien Street is a two-storey coffee shop with an air of old Hanoi, unassuming but picturesque. It has a homey atmosphere wherein guests can both chill and have fun taking pictures of the appealing surroundings.

Lao Hac Quan can be found at Truong Sa Street. It is another ideal place for photography, both inside and outside. The interior of the cafe has a captivating decoration while the exterior landscape is a favourite subject especially among photography enthusiasts.
Nha Minh 80s on Truong Quyen Street, District 3 beautifully captures a scene of historical Saigon with old but fascinating objects, to the delight of its guests.
Cafe 81 is situated at Van Nguyen Street, a hip place adorned with vintage motorbikes outside and therefore perfect especially for the millennial generation today who is obsessed with selfies.
All cafes have one-of-a-kind features which make them each a popular place for everyone to visit, mindlessly sipping coffee and having seemingly innocent conversations, but unconsciously being a part of Saigon’s breathtaking history and its spectacular transformation through time. 

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