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U Minh Ha National Park: Re-Opens to the Public

After being closed for six month due to the dry season and therefore at high risk of fire, the U Minh Ha National Park is open once again to the public. The Southernmost province of Ca Mau confirmed this news.

U Minh Ha National Park is known for its rich animal and plant life as found in a seasonal wetland. The flora system is made up of dense cajuput forests standing on peat soil; grasslands which are flooded depending to the season; and large swamps. The fauna system on the other hand is composed of fresh water fish which reproduce in the park’s submerged forests. Beehives can also be found in the park which produce a bountiful amount of honey.

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Visitors can enjoy their time at the park by renting a boat which tours them around the area, as well as climbing the 25-metre high tower and gazing in the beauty of the whole place from above. They can also catch fish with the local residents and collect honey from the beehives.

Food is also available at the park with delicious local delicacies such as roasted snakehead fish; and sweet and sour soup cooked with fish and wild vegetables.

U Minh Ha National Park is situated about 25 kilometres from Ca Mau City and is 8,000 hectares big. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area because of its beautiful natural life, tourist amenities and interesting, tasty food.



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