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National Treasures of Vietnam To Be Exhibited For Five Months

In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the national treasures of Vietnam will be on display at the Museum of History, for five long months, from January to May of this year 2017.

The 16 national treasures which have always been kept hidden will finally be showcased in order to make people aware and appreciate the historical and cultural values of the precious items.

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One of the national treasures to be featured is a Ngoc Lu bronze drum of the Dong Son culture. It is about 2,000-2,500 years old and considered to be the most intact and beautiful drum of its type. It was named a national treasure in 2012.

Another relic to be displayed is a Hoang Ha bronze drum which was discovered at Noi Thon hamlet, Hoang Ha Village, Phu Xuyen District, Ha Son Binh Province, also known as Hanoi today. It also belongs to the Dong Son culture and is categorized with Ngoc Lu bronze drums. Its condition is relatively intact with one-of-a-kind decorated patterns.

The other national treasures which will be exhibited at the museum are a Dao Thinh glazed terra-cotta jar, a statue of two men playing panpipes, a lamp shaped in the form of a kneeling person, a boat tomb, the Vo Canh stele, the bell at Can Ban Pagoda, and other more valuable artifacts.

The Museum of History boasts of almost 200,000 authentic documents and antiques which have high historical, cultural and even scientific value.

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