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Photo Contest Raises Awareness For Need Of Clean Water in Vietnam

A photo contest with the theme clean water was recently sponsored by UNESCO-Vietnam in its effort to solve the water predicament in certain localities in Vietnam.

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Communities in Central and Southern Vietnam have been suffering from water shortage due to flooding, drought and soil salinization. To address this serious problem, the Representative Office of the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations in Ho Chi Minh City organized the Clean Water and the Environment Project (CWEP), a three-year, US$5 million project with the primary aim to bring clean water to the said localities.

The competition brought in more than 1,000 submissions depicting the alarming water situation, its effect on the communities and how the affected households were trying to remedy it.

Even the judges of the said contest were so concerned that they offered their services voluntarily, void of any remuneration, to further raise awareness on the severity of the water problem. They also pointed out that the event was all in all a call to environmental protection, water conservation and building the community. Moreover, it was a chance for photography aficionados to hone their skills.

Three photos were selected as the best. The first prize was awarded VND10 million ($450), VND5 million ($225) for the second prize and the third place, VND3 million ($135). Several exceptional entries were also accorded consolation prizes of VND1 million ($45).

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