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Da Nang Establishes City-Wide Free Wi-Fi

In order to make information technology accessible to everyone, the government of Da Nang, through the municipal Department of Information and Communication, has launched a free Wi-Fi service for both tourists and local residents.

At present, there are 330 base transceiver stations installed at important locations and establishments like universities, tourists sites, apartments and the 29 state departments and agencies. The Wi-Fi system has also been improved in terms of internet connection quality, broadband speed, signal and access time from the time it was launched. Data reveal that there are about 20,000 successful internet connections everyday.

Users can access all sites, including the municipal web portal and tourist portal The websites of the city departments, districts and online services are also open to everyone, fulfilling its aim to provide people with all the necessary information they need when in Da Nang.


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Aside from providing free internet access to visitors and locals, the municipal Wi-Fi system of Da Nang also delivers the following services: send out alert and supervision signals for environmental pollution; urban transport management; social order management; warn citizens in case of natural disasters; and inform people of the harm of climate change.

Da Nang’s ultimate goal in providing free Wi-Fi service to people in its community is to establish the first ever e-citizen generation in Vietnam. The Wi-Fi will be free at least until the end of 2016 after which the city will start charging users for the service. The free Wi-Fi may be limited in time, but as long as Da Nang continues to provide high quality connection and other internet-related services, it may be able to achieve this ambitious but plausible technological dream.

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