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1.8 Million Foreign Tourists Visit HCM City

In just the first quarter of this year, almost 1.8 million tourists have already visited HCM City, an annual 14% increase in its tourism sector. This is because of its safe and friendly tourist environment, not to mention more future plans to further develop this department and therefore expect even more visitors from different parts of the globe.

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Just this April, the city welcomed over 402,000 foreign visitors which earned more than VND8.63 trillion ($386.99 million) or a 9% increase from 2015. The first quarter garnered nearly VND34 trillion ($1.52 billion) or a 7% rise from last year’s turnover.

HCM City’s ideal tourism environment makes it very attractive to visitors from all over the world. Its safe tourist atmosphere and high quality services and products make it an interesting destination. Moreover, it continues to look for ways to further improve its tourism sector. Product innovation; new tours and routes; and further development of its services are just some of the factors that the city needs to look on. Developing a waterway tourism and art performances are also some of the things that HCM are considering in order to attract even more tourists into its place.

HCM City is targeting to welcome 5.1 million foreign tourists and 21.8 million domestic visitors this 2016.

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