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Vietnam Highlight Tourism Activities in March 2016

This year’s tourism sector in Vietnam proves to be a fruitful year as manifested by its series of achievements as early as this month of March.

Phong Nha has been named as the best cave for fossils according to Wanderlust, a popular tourist magazine in UK. Located at the centre of Quang Binh Province in North Central Vietnam or about 500 kilometres South of Hanoi, it is a 44.5-kilometre, nine-cave system which runs through an underground river which likewise connects to the Son River. It is rich in fossils and even new caves are still being discovered.

The basis for the selection lies mainly in Phong Nha’s amazing stalactite and stalagmite arrangement which makes up for a one-of-a-kind karst formation. This produced in the spectacular underground rivers and a labyrinth of equally breathtaking caves. Moreover, visitors can also enjoy other activities like kayaking, trekking and of course swimming. From March to April, guests will be treated to a mass of butterflies flying around the area.

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Hue also basked in an increase of tourist arrivals with its amazing nine-day Tet celebration, with about 100,000 foreigners attending the festivities. Just last year, Thua Thien-Hua Province experienced a 16% rise or a total of 92,000 additional visitors, while the central province welcomed 51,000 more foreign tourists, a whopping 55.4% of the total number of visitors into the area.

The Hue International Cuisine Festival 2016 will be held from April 28-May 2 in Phu Xuan Park as part of the Hue Festival 2016. A conference to boost tourism in the province will be conducted in Ha Noi and HCMC. The Viet Nam International Travel Mart 2016 and the ITB Asia-Singapore 2016 are also other important events.

Meanwhile, the international airline Emirates will start flying from Dubai to Yangon (RGN) in Myanmar and Ha Noi starting August 3, 2016. This is part of its goal of expanding its Southeast Asia network, offering more options for its clientele who are travelling between Ha Noi and Yangon; and Myanmar and Vietnam.

With these upcoming events in mind, Vietnam promises an exciting experience for anyone planning to visit the country, even attracting those who are not.


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