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Quang Nam Opens Brand New Tourist Attractions

In line with its Heritage Festival this year, the central province of Quang Nam opened two structures that may very well soon become popular tourist destinations: the Ky Anh Tunnel national historical relic site and the Tam Thanh community art village.

The Ky Anh Tunnel was built in 1965 at the time when Vietnam raged a resistance war against the United States. It took two years to build with a length of 32 kilometres, 0.5 – 0.8 metres width and 0.8 – 1 metre height. It suffered damages in some sections later on but the government was quick to have them repaired, resulting in an increase in the tourism sector of the province. It was named a national historical relic site in 1997.

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Tam Thanh Village is an art collection of 111 painted coracles, along with five installations of the same things symbolizing local culture and values. On its opening day on June 9, 2017, the art village earned the record for “Vietnam’s first and largest collection of coracles.” It was also the day it opened its doors to the public. It is located at Tam Ky City.

Tam Ky City also established a home-stay community composed of ten households wherein visitors can have an authentic experience of local everyday life in the province. A sightseeing tour on the Truong Giang River was set up as well to give tourists an up close view of the famous mighty river.

With these recent developments, the government aims to entice more tourists into their area and give them a meaningful and memorable encounter with Quang Nam Province.


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