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Ho Chi Minh City Opens More Tourist Streets For The Delight Of Its Visitors

In order to entice more visitors into the city and boost its tourism sector, Ho Chi Minh has decided and announced on April 22, 2017 that it will open more tourist streets.

Jewelry streets, fashion streets and medicine streets were seen as among the top tourist attractions. Jewelry streets already started operations last April 27 on the streets of Nhieu Tam, Nghia Thuc and Bui Huu Nghia, probably because it is the same spot where the gold-making industry in the district also began in the 1980s.

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The local government issued a statement assuring the tourists of proper protection in these areas which meant assigning additional police officers in the place, installing security cameras and providing a list of shops which offer the best prices to avoid overcharging and other fraudulent practices which usually take advantage of unsuspecting visitors.

The city also planned on developing particular tourist products as well as celebrating one festival each month. Ao Dai Festival will be observed in March while Flower Street Nguyen Hue will be commemorated on Tet holidays or the Lunar New Year.

With this plan, the tourism sector hopes to welcome seven million foreign visitors and 25 million domestic tourists this year and a revenue of VND120 trillion. But of course, this doesn’t come without serious work and effort. Travel agents have to continuously improve update their services. The local government have to keep a constant check on food safety and the general security of its tourists. The residents as well have to keep a friendly and accommodating atmosphere for their visitors. Advertising and maintaining a high-quality tourism brand is a must.

All in all, Ho Chi Minh City should maintain a warm and exciting environment for its visitors in order to constantly attract more and more tourists to visit the place not only on special occasions but the whole year round.


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