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Hue: ASEAN Clean Tourist City

The ASEAN Green Awards 2018 just named Hue “Clean Tourist City.” One hotel establishment in the imperial city is also among the awardees in the prestigious trophy. Hue City earned the award for meeting all the criteria: Cleanliness; Environment and Waste Management; Green Space Around the City; Security and Health; Urban Safety; and Tourism Infrastructure. […]

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Pho: A Taste of Vietnam’s History

Vietnam is a world-class tourist destination because of its breathtaking landscape. But another thing it is famous for is its food, particularly its pho, which is not only uniquely and absolutely delicious, but has become like a mark of the country’s rich history and culture. There are many stories regarding the origin of pho. One […]

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Paper Fan: Vietnamese Tradition

According to Vietnamese tradition, each household must have eight specific items which are vital in its culture. One of these is the paper fan which holds both aesthetic value and functionality. While fans are also a part of the culture of East Asia, the Vietnamese fan differs from that in China and Japan in terms […]

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Banh Gio: Hanoi’s Winter Snack

As the New Year is always anticipated throughout the world because of its festive mood and hope for a fresh beginning, it is even more so in Vietnam because of a particular food which is only available around this time – banh gio, a rice snack which is very affordable yet exceptionally delicious. Banh gio […]

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Tourist Arrivals in Vietnam Surge in 2017

2017 was a very good year for Vietnam in terms of its tourism industry, based on the latest records by the General Statistics office which showed about 12.9 million international visitors who entered Vietnam in that particular year. This is equivalent to a 29.1% increase in tourist arrivals than in 2016. December was the strongest […]

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Exploring Binh Dinh

Binh Dinh in the Central Province of Quang Trung is blessed with a naturally pristine beauty and rich history. As such, it has become a world-class tourist destination that continues to prosper as time goes by. Nui Ba (Ba Mountains), also known as Pho Chinh Mountains, is one of the most beautiful in Binh Dinh […]

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Steamed Sticky Rice: Phu Thuong’s Pride

Phu Thuong Village, also known as Phu Gia or Ga Village, has long been cooking several dishes as part of their tradition. Glutinous rice wine, stuffed sticky rice and steamed sticky rice are very much ingrained in the daily lives of the locals, the latter being the most popular. Steamed sticky rice or “Xoi Phu […]