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Microsoft Solutions Brings Danang Closer to Information Highway

In order to achieve technological advancement, Danang applied an IT system in its administrative reform program in the commune and district levels. In the years following its implementation, the city has undergone a promising move toward its long-term goal.


Danang City’s data center is the basis for the whole IT system it is trying to develop and among its major challenges is combining the present and new structures into a single working platform. Microsoft’s open platform is seen as the best solution to achieving this technological efficiency, specifically its Windows Server 2012 R2, System Centre 2012 R2 and Data Center 2012.


The present programs Danang is using require replacement of IT systems. Microsoft’s open platform on the other hand can “interact, integrate seamlessly with existing systems.” Java or PHP in particular are designed to give an easy and convenient platform interface for its users. Interruptions and slow, inefficient service are no longer issues with the company’s solutions. Unlike the current system, Microsoft’s programs are more versatile and wide-ranging, being able to serve different, if not all, kinds of client needs.


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Windows Server and System Centre 2012 in particular are very compatible with an open source software. The following data products have the ability to transform from a traditional physical model into a cloud model which absorb all existing IT resources into specific services and upload it into the portal of Danang Department of Information and Communications. This assures convenient and efficient service to the public.


CityNext is Microsoft’s latest platform being offered to Danang which offers a technological empowerment and flexibility not only to its government but also to the businesses and citizens, in other words, to the whole society of Danang. It also utilizes a cloud system which provides the newest and world-class applications and equipment, ensuring improved capacity with modern solutions and big data platform.


Danang still has to perfect the new solution into its current system in order to fulfill its long-term goal of reaching information highway. But if the system proves to be successful, Danang City will be the first place ever to achieve a complete application of IT into its administrative reform towards a dynamic and technologically intelligent modern government and community as a whole.

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