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Ha Long Bay: 3rd Must- Visit Destination in Southeast Asia

In a list compiled by a popular international travel website Touropia entitled 29 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia, Ha Long Bay placed a high third.

The prestigious list was divided into several “Best of” categories based on the most awesome places in the said region, and Ha Long Bay got the third rank because of its spectacular thousands of limestone karst islands which come in various interesting shapes and sizes.

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Ha Long Bay is located at Quang Ninh Province, Northeastern Vietnam and is known all over the world for its stunning natural beauty. Some of the limestone karst islands even contain lakes and grottoes inside, adding to its already amazing view.

kAdditional attractions have been further built to entice more tourists to visit the area. In June 2016, a super long 2.2 kilometre cable car line was constructed extending from Bai Chay Beach to Ba Deo Mountain. The cable car line is so long that it was recognized by Guinness World Records as the biggest in the world. It has two cabins and can transport 2,000 people per hour, holding up to 230 people per ride and elevated at 188.88 metres above the ground.

The Sun Wheel is another new ride at Ha Long Bay, a gigantic ferris wheel which is raised 215 metres above sea level, has 64 cabins, and can carry up to 1,200 people per hour. A wax museum was also opened in the summer showcasing wax figures of world-renowned celebrities such as actors, singers and the like.

Quang Ninh Province received nearly 6 million tourists just in the first few months of 2017, a 9% annual increase. Of this figure, 1.9 million are foreign visitors or a 30% rise.

Other places included in the list are Hoi An, Hanoi and Sapa. Hoi An placed 15th because of its beautiful landscape, exceptional architecture, charming traditional wooden houses and quite a number of quaint tailor shops which sells not only clothing but also souvenirs for visitors. Hanoi ranked 25th for its wonderful blend of old and modern living. Its Old Quarter is also one of the reasons why it made itself into the list, an open-air museum that features French and Asian colonial architecture which has maintained a pristine condition despite the passing of a long time. Sapa is on the 27th place, ideal for trekking and touring in the mountains, ricefields, traditional villages and ethnic minorities.

With such a list, you’d surely want to visit Southeast Asia as well.


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