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Green Tea Mountain Plantations: A Thai Nguyen Treasure

In Vo Nhai District, just 120 kilometres from the capital, in the Northern Province of Thai Nguyen, is a hidden paradise of vast green tea plantations situated on the mountains, both a breathtaking and relaxing sight unknown to even some local Vietnamese residents.

Along the way is an adventure itself where one can see many spectacular sights as well as meet interesting people. The natural beauty of Ho Nui Coc, the seemingly perilous atmosphere of ATK guerrilla base and the Rong (Algae) River are just some of the exciting spots one will encounter on the way to the mountains.

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Rong River in the Dan Tien Commune Area in particular is famous because of the thick algae covering the river bed, thus the name. The water is clear but green because of the abundance of the water plant underneath. Small bamboo fishing boats can also be seen on the river, reflective of the main source of livelihood in the area. Several ethnic groups also reside in the area: Tay; Nung; and Kinh, mostly farmers who plant tea leaves as what the area has been known for through time.

Dinh Ca is the capital town of Vo Nhai District which takes pride in its naturally awesome scenery. Than Sa Commune for one is a beautiful traditional provincial setting with fresh air and streams. Mua Roi (Rain) Waterfall is an amazing sight at 30 meters from a mountain cliff which is mossy being covered by a thick growth of trees and plants. The Mong ethnic group is an interesting sight as well living in a hamlet.

The Than Sa Streamline which can be found in a cave in Nguom Mountain is a cultural find wherein evidence of ancient civilization 30,000 years old was discovered. Scientists found snail shells, animal bones, working tools and in fact three skeletons, undeniable proof that people used to live in the area.

Mo Ga Cave on the other hand is frequented by visitors because of its magical stalactites and stalagmites which seem to shine against its very dark interior. In fact, the cave is so dark that people have to bring battery-operated torches in order to maneuver inside. The cave is about 10-15 metres wide, 2-10 metres high and 300-400 metres deep. There is also a stream inside with very clear and cool water.

Mo Ga Mountain is also an interesting place to visit because of its sharp-pointed beak which looks like a chicken beak, thus the name. But it is actually located in the ranges of Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Mountains, wherein another cave can also be found, with stalactites and a pond inside.

With such raw and even secret treasures to uncover, Thai Nguyen is a haven for people who breathe in nature and thirst for adventure.


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