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Binh Lap Beach: Unassuming Beauty in Khanh Hoa

The coastal province of Khanh Hoa is a haven of naturally spectacular beaches. While Nha Trang is the most frequented by tourists, there’s another beach that is just as, or even more, breathtaking: Binh Lap.

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Situated at Cam Lap Commune, Cam Ranh District, Binh Lap is just 90 kilometers from the famous Nha Trang Beach. But it has its own charm with its crystal clear waters, fresh salt-smelling air, light sand and amazing shoreline.

As if that’s not enough, Binh Lap has several “mini-beaches” with its own characteristic that is different from each other yet all of them beautiful. Lao, Kinh and Ngang are the small beaches in Binh Lap that are endearing in their own ways. Just an hour away is Binh Hung Island, another place worth visiting because of its one-of-a-kind appeal. The Robinson, Chuoi and Ong Gia beaches are other breathtaking destinations worth discovering.

Aside from its awesome beaches, there are even more that Binh Lap offers to its guests. The Hon Chut Lighthouse is a must-visit because of its 100-year old charm. Cam Ranh Bay displays a great view of nature including boats that decorate the waters and lobster farms that always brings delight to tourists.

For those who prefer fresh water, there is a stream wherein visitors can swim in and even rent a glass bottom boat in order to enjoy watching the magical coral reefs and colourful fishes below. Home stays are available for those who want to experience authentic life in the area, but visitors can also choose from other accommodations in Binh Lap Village. Food is also sure to bring satisfaction to its guests.

But Binh Lap wasn’t always this attractive to tourists. In the past, it was the poorest village in Cam Lap Commune because of its seemingly inconvenient location set between the sea and the mountain. Small-scale fishing was the only source of livelihood. But through time, the residents learned how to breed lobsters and develop tourism in their area. Because fresh seafood was a guarantee every day, the villagers thought of opening stalls to serve fresh seafood to their guests. Grilled lobster is the best choice in the menu. Moreover, diners can enjoy a barbeque party and camp fire on the beach with the local residents accompanying and even entertaining them.

Binh Lap is 35 kilometers from the Cam Ranh Airport. While it used to be difficult to access the place, today there are newly-built roads around the Nui Chua Mountain that lead to Binh Lap. Motorbikes are available for visitors to hire to go around the place. Train is also another mode of transportation. Therefore, there is no reason not to visit Binh Lap especially with its amazing natural beauty and other lovely tourist destinations.

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