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Dong Van: Rocky Heaven

Especially for photographers who are always in search of the perfect subject, Dong Van is one excellent choice, but not without challenges.

Situated at the entrance of Ha Giang Province, Dong Van is a highland district, specifically 1,000 meters above sea level. Its capital is located 146 kilometers from the province. It has 19 wards, 9 of which are adjoining China. It is famous for its breathtaking scenes and mountains, but one has to be prepared to go through some inconveniences before reaching the place. First of all, transportation is not easy. In order to reach the place, one has to go on foot. Dong Van’s terrain is rocky and the weather is biting cold. The highest temperature in the area is only about 24 degree Celsius in the summer. In the winter, it can be freezing at 1 degree Celsius. It is rainy and foggy almost all year long. It is so cold that it has its own version of North Pole, the coldest in Vietnam, called Lung Co. It is considered “The Roof of Vietnam” because one can literally touch the sky when you reach this peak.

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But for the adventure seekers and nature lovers, the difficulties on the path to Dong Van are part of the whole experience. When one reaches the top, the trip is all worth it. Dong Van has a rocky plateau that is so amazing it is named Heaven’s Gate (Cong Troi). It is also known for its mysterious sunsets which produce interesting colors and shapes. The forests are lush and there are terraced fields which are green and simply spectacular. There are stunning caves and colourful flora all over. Peach, plum, pear, apple, persimmon abound in the place. Dong Van is also rich in medicinal plants such as “tam that” (a kind of bulbous ginseng), rehmania glutinosa, anise and cinnamon. The locals live a simple life but are comfortable and happy. For recreation, residents and visitors can play pen-pipes and flutes.

Through time, Dong Van has earned a reputation for being a photographer’s ideal spot. But in general, it has been a growing tourist destination for its life metaphor that whatever worth having has to be struggled with.

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