Da Nang Orders Public Rating of Restaurants To Boost Tourism

In order to counter bad publicity and boost its tourism in general, the central city of Da Nang has issued an order among its agencies to publicly rate all of its local restaurants and publish the results.

This official move came after news of bad services came like some restaurant and other tourist places themselves bullying customers into utilizing their overpriced products and services. The media also exposed that hotel security is so slack that almost anyone can go inside their clients’ rooms and rob their things.

Despite the city’s annual increase of foreign visitors to 34% and even 1.27 million in 2015, and even pioneering brand new tourism products and techniques, Da Nang received criticisms especially with some of its quirky tourism rules like requiring beachgoers to wear bikinis, prohibiting any other form of swimwear. This did not go well with many tourists since not all people are comfortable with wearing revealing swimming clothes despite loving to wade in the water, sunbathe or simply relax at the beach.

Image by: http://localvox.com/blog/3-essential-seo-tips-for-small-business-owners-in-2014/

Image by: http://localvox.com/blog/3-essential-seo-tips-for-small-business-owners-in-2014/

The restaurants which are to be rated are situated in the tourist districts of Hai Chau, Hoa Vang, Ngu Hanh Son and Son Tra. Hygiene and customer service, among many others, will be the factors on which the dining establishments will be examined upon. Moreover, Da Nang City also plans to clean up its low-end hotels to make them more presentable and safe to its visitors.

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