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Binh Thuan Builds Industrial Cluster

Binh Thuan Province has been approved to establish a seafood industrial cluster in Mui Ne after a proposal submitted by a local company.

The suggested establishment will function as a focal point of seafood processing in the South Central Province. It is also hoped to develop other local industries such as anchovy processing and fish sauce production. Moreover, all the other small scale and household businesses situated in beaches and resorts will be transferred to the complex to serve as a one-stop shop for all local traditional industries.

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Creating such a centre will also enable the local government to conduct quality control checks more efficiently and protect the coastal environment in order to both maintain high quality of seafood products and boost tourism especially since Binh Thuan Province is one of the major producers of seafood in Vietnam and a fast-growing beach industry.

Binh Thuan has been enjoying an increase of visitor arrival into its province lately. The addition of a seafood industrial cluster is guaranteed to entice more tourists to visit.

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