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White Waterfall (Thac Trang): Majestic in its Purity

If you’re searching for raw, untouched beauty, the white waterfall at Thac Trang will definitely leave you breathless. Located at Quang Ngai Province, Thanh An Commune, Minh Long District, very few people from the rest of the world have heard of the place aside from the local residents themselves, but with its breathtaking beauty, it won’t be long before people from all over the globe will know about the great white waterfall and will want to witness its power for themselves.

Since the place is not yet commercialized, the road to the waterfall is quite difficult with a rocky jungle trail and a deep abyss. Motorbikes are available for visitors to ride their way through, but it is not without risks. A tour guide is in fact necessary especially for first timers. But for experienced climbers with the right equipment, going to the waterfall may be easier. Hiking down the foot of the waterfall is an alternative to those who do not want to risk riding a motorbike. This way, visitors can also swim in the lake and even catch the regional specialty fish nien.

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Going to the white waterfall may be challenging, but the view along the way and especially upon reaching the waterfall itself more than makes up for it. In fact, one will pass by Eo Gio Pass on Dinh Cuong Mountain on the way and this in itself is already a feast for the nature lovers. The pass is abundant with natural beauty such as the Ve River, riverside cottages, villages of the ethnic group Hre, stilt houses situated on slopes, tea plantations and terraced paddy fields. Thi sight is so spectacular that it’s a tourist spot in itself.

The place is not yet developed so visitors have to bring their own food, drinks and sometimes even a first aid kit because the area is filled with leeches. But guests can also buy the fish nien which is abundant in the area and have it cooked by the locals. They can have it either grilled, sashimi or seasoned with salt, pepper and chilli. When grilling, the local residents place the fish on a bamboo stick and cook it over coal fire. Tourists can also enjoy the local wine which is made from the tree Doat found at the foot of the waterfall.

Recently, there has been a plan to construct a tourist centre and a bridge near the waterfall. The project includes a resort, park, swimming pool, fishing area, “underwater world” for children, and even a shopping centre and a zoo. 57 hectares of land is required to implement the project and won’t be completed until 2022.

Through the years, more and more people have heard of the white waterfall so the road has been slowly fixed to make it more accessible to visitors. The plan to build a tourist area will also definitely bring in more tourists and therefore development, ensuring economic progress. But along with it comes the fear of destroying the natural state of the place with the growing number of tourists arriving in the area. Pollution, noise and crowding are just some of the negative effects of progress. It will take a conscious cooperation between the local government, residents and even the visitors, to keep the purity and overall beauty of the white waterfall intact.

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