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Vietnam’s Beautiful Beaches In Danger of Trash

Quy Nhon and Mui Ne are two of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. But aside from both being breathtaking, the two popular tourist destinations are now also alike in another way: trash.

According to the Binh Dinh provincial government, the culprit is a construction project which is ironically geared towards creating a tourism atmosphere of the area aside from expanding the Xuan Dieu Street. Sand and stones from the work are the main pollutants of the said beaches.

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The tourism agency of the province has conducted several clean up efforts like sending trucks to get rid of the garbage in the area, and rounding up not only the local residents but even the foreign tourists in picking up trash, but little success has been accomplished. Deputy chairman of the Binh Thuan Province Tourism Association Tran Van Binh stressed that a lot of work still has to be done with everyone’s cooperation needed, locals and foreigners alike.

Quy Nhon and Mui Ne are national treasures which need to be taken care of. A conscious team effort and genuine love for the place from both the local residents and foreign visitors are needed in order to clean up the place and save it before it’s too late.


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