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Vietnam’s Banh Chung and Banh Day Among Top 10 Celebration Foods of the World

National Geographic has released a list of Top 10 Celebration Foods of the World and among those chosen in the esteemed selection are Banh Chung and Banh Day, traditional foods in Vietnam every Tet.

Tet or Lunar New Year is Vietnam’s major and most anticipated festival because it signifies the onset of spring and perhaps most importantly, lavish banquets and big family reunions which bring together everything and everyone into one truly happy celebration.

Roasted watermelon seeds and dried candied fruits are some of the standard foods during Tet. But the stars of the show are Banh Chung and Banh Day, rolls of sticky rice and meat or bean fillings wrapped in leaves which everyone longs for in the gand feast. Banh Chung is served in square packets which actually symbolize Earth and Banh Day in round ones to embody the Sky. National Geographic recognizes the traditional foods’ symbolism but emphasizes as well their delicious taste which made them customary foods in the nation’s most important festival in the first place.

The other Top 10 Celebration Foods of the World listed by National Geographic are Bread of the Dead in Mexico’s Day of the Dead, Hakarl in Iceland’s Mid-Western Festival Thorrablot, Moon Cakes in China’s Mid-Autumn, Hamantaschen in Jewish Purim, King Cake in Mardi Gras, Besan Burfi of India’s Diwali, Kahk of Egyptian Eid al-Fitr, Haggis of Scotland’s Burns Night and Pastelitos del 25 de Mayo of Argentina’s May Revolution.

To be included in such a distinguished selection by such an illustrious body as National Geographic is a great honor for Vietnam as it is a confirmation of the country’s world-class status when it comes to its food, among others. But more importantly, it seals a nation’s love and pride for its history and culture which clearly emanates into the rest of the world.

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