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Over $3,000 to Two Citizens for Giving Historical Digs

Two agencies of the Vietnamese government have handed over more than $3,000 as a reward to two men who have entrusted their accidental digs to the Thanh Hoa Museum. The People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa Province and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism awarded Truong Thanh Quang and Do Van Hien with VND66 million ($3,075) and a certificate of merit for turning over two historically-significant bronze drums which they have stumbled upon last year. The People’s Committee gave the cash reward while the other office presented the men with the prestigious certificate.

Quang came across the antique bronze drum by chance on October 2014 with his family. Estimated to be between 16th-17th centuries old, the artifact has a sophisticated style, designed with a sun at the center, six rings of patters, and four toad sculptures. It is 38 centimeters tall, weighs 20 kilograms and measures 59 centimeters in diameter. Although one of the toad sculptures is missing, the drum is still generally in good condition. In fact, when it was unearthed and turned over, it was valued at VND300 million or $13,981.


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Hien’s discovery was a 2,000-year old bronze drum which he found on November, just one month after Quang’s accidental find. It had a lesser cost than the first one, but still considered precious at VND90 million ($4,194). He was bestowed upon with VND25 million or $1,165 for giving away the antique. Quang received VND41.5 million ($1,934) for the same gesture.

The two men’s voluntary act of surrendering their personal finds to the Vietnamese government was deemed a historical and cultural importance that the latter decided it deserved recognition and reward.

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