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Van Phuc Silk Village: World-Class Culture

When in Hanoi, it is almost always, if not indeed always, that tourists drop by Van Phuc Village to witness the town’s famous silk that is two thousand years old and is known for its world-class quality. Using simple and traditional technique yet sophisticated and unique designs, its silk products, sericulture and weaving sectors are the best in Vietnam.

Van Phuc Silk Village is located at the bank of Nhue Thi River, Nguyen Trai Road, near Ha Dong City, 8 kilometers South West of Hanoi. It is only 30 minutes away from the center of Hanoi by motorbike, but can also be reached by bus and taxi. It made its mark in Vietnamese history and the world thereafter by being the origin and in fact the best silk-making industry in the country. For centuries, silk has been associated with indulgence which only the rich and powerful people can buy so to be recognized as such is a natural pride for the community.

Since silk used to be expensive and limited only to the affluent in society, Van Phuc’s journey to the craft of silk-making was not a straight or uphill path but actually one that was filled with struggles and challenges. But it eventually went back up to its feet and finally established itself in the business when demand for the product regained not only in the local but international market as well. Thus, there is a portion of the village that is called “Silk ShopTown” wherein almost all houses along the path sell different kinds of silk products like shirts, dresses, ties, crafts, and so much more. Visitors are so amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of the items that they always purchase one or more to take home to their family and friends back home.


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Gone are the days too, when only the rich can afford silk. Today, silk has been made more accessible even to the ordinary people and in fact more adaptable by appearing in other forms like accessories, garments and raw materials. Tourists can now choose from different kinds like embroidered, double layer, wrinkled and the traditional glossy in verying colors, hues and weights.

About 90% of Van Phuc Village is engaged in the silk-making industry and makes more than two million meters of silk every year. To last that long in the business and to be recognized not only in the domestic market but in the foreign sector as well is a clear manifestation of its significant place in the history and culture of Vietnam that will last for still many, many generations to come.


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