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Tri An Lake: Eternal Summer

Tri An Lake is a man-made lake that may as well be a work of nature because of its outstanding view of the sun, sky and wind. Originally created to store water for the Tri An Power Plant in the Southern Dong Nai Province, it is also decorated with many natural sights which make it an ideal destination for locals and tourists alike who are in search of beauty and serenity all in one.

With an area of 323 square kilometres, it is big enough to have several dykes, dams, a picnic area, camp site, and even two islands which serve as tourist destinations. Fish is also abundant which the local residents catch and sell to markets, guaranteed fresh everyday.

Dong Truong Island and O Island are the centrepiece of Tri An Lake which is said to feel like eternal summer because of their breathtaking natural sight and tranquil environment. The fresh green of the grass and trees and the majestic view of the mountain range by the equally famous Nam Cat Tien National Park are just some of the enchantment Tri An Lake brings.

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Both islands are located at Vinh An Town, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province. Dong Truong Island is 22 hectares big while O Island has an area of 2.1 hectares. They have a picnic site and camping area which visitors will find both fun and relaxing. Guests can even spend the night on a boat with a spectacular view of the sky decorated with the moon and stars. The experience of staying on a boat over the night is one which will last forever.

Tri An Lake is basically unfamiliar to the rest of the world and therefore not yet developed. Anyone visiting the area must bring his or her own supplies of food, water and other amenities. But for those who want to experience authentic local life, they can try the specialty fish ca lang (Hemibargus Fish) which is abundant in the area. It weighs several kilograms and can be prepared in many ways including sour soup, crispy fried, grilled (with salt and chilli), or hotpot. The locals are always ready to catch and cook this for their guests which can be enjoyed under the trees, a true sense of local living at Tri An Lake.





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