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Tam Dao Experience: Four Seasons in a Day

Discovered by the French in 1902 and initially planned to be transformed into a place of relaxation for its soldiers, Tam Dao is a rising tourist destination today because of its “four seasons in one day,” owing to its high 900-meter elevation from the sea.

Tam Dao is a valley located at Tam Dao Town, Vinh Phuc Province, about 90 kilometers from Hanoi. It is made up of 253 hectares of land and is shaped like an empty valley but decorated with a powerful mountain called Nha Tho which means “church.”

Admiring the place because of its peaceful and romantic atmosphere, the French built 150 elegant villas in the valley with services and features such as swimming pools, discos, sports facilities, restaurants and churches.

An old-stone church can also be found at the bottom of Nha Tho Mountain originally constructed in 1906 as a stilt house but fixed in 1937 with bricks and stones. It is designed with French architecture, which means that it has a distinct Gothic style. This includes an impressive semi-circular hard arch and a massive size that it can be seen in any part of the valley. The bell tower is the most visible part of the church.

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Aside from its ancient church and serene environment, Tam Dao also prides itself in its Bac Waterfall with cascading waters so white that it looks like a giant, majestic carpet enveloped by a stunning sunlight as well. Tourists must also taste its chayote and banana which are among the best in Vietnam, if not in the world.

Summer is the ideal time to visit Tam Dao when visitors can fully experience its famed “four seasons in a day” of “cool climate spring in the morning, warm summer at noon, romantic chill of fall in the afternoon and cold winter at night.”

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