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Son La: A Tourist’s Paradise

If you’re a full-fledged tourist looking for history, culture and nature all in one place, Son La Province in North West Hanoi may just be the ideal destination for you. With its rich history and culture and breathtaking natural sights, it’s no wonder that the place has earned many visitors especially in the recent years.

There are several popular destinations in the area, each with its own unique story. Son La Prison is one of the most famous tourist spots, built in 1908 by the French colonialists to imprison Vietnamese communists. It was called hell on earth because of its high security. Located on top of Khau Ca Hill and covering an area of 500 square meters, its cells are made of solid stones while barbed wires and broken glass make up the high walls. But what makes the structure historically relevant is that despite the torture the Vietnamese experienced against their captors, they continued to rally their beliefs for anyone to hear. This is perhaps why in 1962, it was declared as a national relic.

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Son La Museum is another favourite tourist stop because of its wide collection of books, epics and songs. It has 1,000 of these documents and thousands of artifacts of the 12 minority groups in the province, pre-history. The Thai and Dao ethnic groups are two of the biggest and most important communities in Son La, the former making up 55% of the total population. The Thai minority group is also significant because of its skill in the art of paper making using bamboo fiber and other plants.

Son La Reservoir is enveloped by a thick forest, making it a spectacular natural sight. The Mong Village in Hua La Commune is known for its hot springs which is said to be therapeutic as well as its delectable Thai food.

The Son La Hydro Plant is also a tourist attraction in the province, as well as its amazing flowers such as peach blossoms, apricot and bauhinia. Festivals in Son La also attract a lot of visitors because of their fun and unique traditions.

Son La preserves 100 relics. Along with its number of beautiful natural scenery, the province is truly a memorable place to visit, a haven of Vietnamese history and culture.


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