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Saigon Sunday Market Sells Vintage Treasure

Every Sunday at a cafe outside Ho Chi Minh City, people flock to a flea market. Unofficially called “Sai Gon ve chai” which means Saigon scraps, the 500-square meter structure sells not merely old but rare vintage items ranging from small to big sizes.

The market was established in 2009 by the owner of, an online forum for used items. It is located at 255/47bis No Trang Long Street in Binh Than District. But since the products are hard-to-find, they come at a slightly, or much, higher price than in a regular flea market. Motorbikes like Vespa for instance can fetch as high as a thousand dollars while a Zippo lighter can cost the same. Kitchenware sets made of silver or inlaid with gold can go for as much as US$4,000 per set. As such, most people go to the flea market just to look at the items and not really to buy because of the expensive prices.

But despite the high cost, the place is still filled with many people all the time. Selling or making money is not really the main goal of the flea market, but more of to converge classic lovers to a place where they can come together and appreciate historically unique items. Moreover, clients are guaranteed of a legitimate transaction since each seller is ready to give a complete biography of each of their products.

The flea market was closed for a while when the cafe it was situated in was moved, but it has been back in business since and is now operating again. Antique enthusiasts can visit the place and buy or simply admire the prime, heritage pieces.


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