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Pres. Obama Dines Like A Local During Vietnam Visit

US President Barack Obama went to Hanoi for an official visit and one of his scheduled appointments included an interview with CNN’s Anthony Bourdain for his popular food and travel show “Parts Unknown.” They conducted it over dinner at a famous bun cha restaurant in the capital.

Obama and Bourdain had dinner at Bun Cha Huong Lien Restaurant and according to the owner, the US president ordered two portions of the local specialty bun cha and even had four more to go. Bun cha is basically grilled pork meat served with rice vermicelli, fresh herbs and processed fish sauce. It is so good that even foreign tourists make sure it is part of their itinerary when they are in the place.

Bourdain’s interview with the president touched on his purpose for visiting the country as well as his interest in the people, food and culture of Vietnam. The special episode will be aired on September.

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Hundreds of people gathered outside the diner in hopes of seeing the American president, and Obama did not disappoint them as he spent some time to shake hands and talk with the locals after dinner.

Bourdain posted his picture dining with the US President on his Instagram account and even picked up their tab of $6.00 as mentioned in his tweet.



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