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Phu Yen: Untouched, True Beauty

Phu Yen may not be as famous as other tourist destinations in Vietnam, but it is considered a “promised land” because of its natural, untouched beauty.


Virgin beaches are one of the prides of Phu Yen. Its provincial capital Tuy Hoa City itself is located near the sea, and tourists always frequent the place because of the alluring beach, clean air and stunning sight all in all. Long Thuy Beach is another famous attraction because of its graceful coconut trees. Vung Bau Beach is known for its fishing village, while Bang Beach is identified with the rock reef it runs along to.

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Da Dia Reef is also a tourist favourite for several reasons: its shape which is said to look like an organized beehive; it is surrounded by a number of stories and legends which makes it even more interesting for people to visit the place; and the landscape is composed of uniquely artistic pentagonal rocks. Moreover, Da Dia Reef is acknowledged as a National Heritage Site.


Dai Lanh Cape is another popular tourist spot because of its breathtaking sunrise. The place is decorated by majestic mountains and dense forests on one side; and deep, blue ocean and multi-shaped vertical cliffs on the other. The equally famed Mon Beach is situated under the cape, with its charming sea water paired with fresh water flowing from the mountains above, creating an interesting and overall lovely sight.


The roads of Phu Yen are also something to be proud of. The road to Da Dia Reef is lined with lovely forests, mountains, hidden villages, bustling markets and dainty houses. The road to Dai Lanh Cape passes through several heritage sites, among which is Ca Pass. The other roads are winding and provide an amazingly memorable experience especially to first-time visitors.


At Nhan Mountain, a Champa-designed temple can be found at the bottom. The Binh Ngoc Flower Village, Da Bia Mountain, the East Sea, and two bridges crossing the Da Rang River are ideal spots to go to during day time while at night, the landscape of Phu Yen is lit up, offering a spectacular view to its guests.


Phu Yen cuisine is also a must-try especially its famous local delicacies Ninh Hoa Nem or meat roll, girdle cakes served with muong fish, O Loan cockles and steamed rice cakes.


Though simple and quiet, Phu Yen’s natural and unique identity adds to its mystery and overall beauty, attracting visitors from all over the world over time.

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