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Mekong Ranks 5th in World’s Best River Cruise List

Mekong River ranks fifth in the ten Best River Cruise all over the world. The list was selected by Touropia, the Travel List Website which highlights the most breathtaking sights on the planet.

Mekong River runs through China, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. A cruise along the river could treat visitors to such amazing historical sites as the Angkor Watt temple complex in Cambodia, floating villages and colorful markets of the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam, just to name some. The number of places to visit or path of the tourist destination depends on one’s itinerary.

According to Touropia, Mekong River is a captivating mix of the past and present as one will see both modern cities and floating villages while cruising along the river. It considers Mekong River cruise as “one of the best ways to experience and see the real Asia.”

The Nile River Cruise in Egypt bags the first place in the ten Best River Cruise in the world. The other winners as listed by Touropia are the following, in consecutive order: Amazon River, which spans eight South American countries; Yangtze River Cruise in China; Danube River which passes through nine European countries, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine; Rhine River, which passes through several countries that are equally famous as tourist destinations such as Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland; Volga River in Russia; Kerala Backwaters in India; Mississippi River Cruise in America; and Douro Cruise, which passes through Portugal, Spain, Medieval villages and stunning vineyards.

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