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Hon Gom Sandbar: Exploring Natural Charm

Hon Gom Sandbar is a haven of mountains, rocky outcrops, coves, beaches and protected bays in the South central coast of Vietnam.

Dam Mon Fishing Village is located about five kilometers from the sand dunes and forests. It has the charm of a traditional community made up of wooden fishing boats, a port, a market, some diners and friendly locals. The place is targeted for tourism development in the future, but even in the meantime is frequently visited by tourists because of its natural beauty.


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The cemetery village, a desert-like landscape, charming bays, small islands, and Son Dung Hamlet are some of the other sights that visitors will see while travelling aling the sandbar. Urbanization has destroyed some of the natural order of things in the place, but all in all has still maintained its original state and worthy of a visit. Son Dung Hamlet in particular is an interesting place to explore. It may lack the convenience of modernization like cemented roads and other contemporary staples, but it has retained its unique identity of bayside restaurants, calm waters and stunning sunsets which tourists enjoy.

The beaches are one pride of the place, specifically Doc Let Beach and Dai Lanh Beach which attract a considerable amount of tourists. Guest houses are also available for visitors who wish to stay overnight or more. In all, the seemingly backward lifestyle of the coastal area is what makes it charming in the first place, a natural beauty which people prefer to escape from the busy and noisy city life and search for tranquility.

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