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Ha Long Celebrates Cherry Blossom Festival

On March 18, 2016, the Northern Province of Quang Ninh will observe the Ha Long Cherry Blossom Festival in honour of the unified cultures of Vietnam and Japan.

The cultural celebration will showcase the breathtaking blooms of Japan, in a profusion of pink and white in order to entice people not only locally but most especially from all over the world.

While the blooms alone will already be a big international attraction, other exciting activities have also been prepared to completely entertain guests in this important gathering. Vietnamese and Japanese arts; food, clothing and home appliances display; and folk games will be enjoyed by anyone attending the festivities. Moreover, a conference will be conducted advocating tourism and trade in the industry, featuring the UNESCO-recognized World Natural Heritage Site Ha Long Bay.

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The Cherry Blossom Festival will be a three-day affair to be held at 30/10 Square, Ha Long City aiming to promote tourism in both Vietnam and Japan, but most of all further strengthening the close cultural connection between the two countries.

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