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Discovering The Rustic Beauty of Thung Nai

Located at and a commune of Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province, Thung Nai earned its name because of the multitude of deers which come to the valley. Although the place has been removed from the tourist map, many visitors still frequent the area, especially adventure enthusiasts who love the outdoors. Situated about 25 kilometers from Hoa Binh, 110 kilometers from Hanoi and in the center of Da River, Thung Nai has an inherent simple yet magnificent beauty which makes it a constant attraction to nature lovers and thrill seekers.

Thung Nai is where the famous Ba Chua Temple, Thac Bo Cave, Bo Grotto, Mu Village, Thac Ba Temple and Floating Island are located, thus the added popularity to the place. The Muong ethnic group is the majority residents in the area, the most number of Muong people you can find in the whole Hoa Binh-Muong Thang region. Like most provincial areas, life at Thung Nai is generally rustic with a boat or canoe as the major mode of transportation and the market is the primary venue of trade and commerce. Bo Market is only open in the morning, so the villagers are accustomed to waking up early in order to get many things done at the break of day.

The North West region of Thung Nai is ruled by a queen. It has a hydropower which feeds water to Da River and in turn spills over to the valleys, creating spectacular small islands in the area. A big marina located about 10 kilometers at the port of Binh Thanh, along the Da River is another tourist destination visitors will surely appreciate.

Mu Village is where the Muong people reside, a valley situated between beautiful dense forests. Da River has wilderness caves that tourists, especially adventure lovers, will be excited to discover. The waves at La Vong is also another tourist site worth exploring. Bo Waterfalls is also known as “Stone Islands” because of the many strangely shaped stones found in the area. It is located about 30 minutes from Ba Chua Temple and can be reached by boat.

Ngoi Hoa Temple is another place at Thung Nai dominated by the Muong. But the village is sort of isolated from the entire area due to its far and difficult terrain. Only the truly outdoor enthusiasts dare visit the place which has no electricity and can only be penetrated by a boat ride. But guests can stay overnight in the Muong houses and treated to their famously delicious pork.

Thung Nai eco-tourism is invested in and managed by Vinashin-Hoa Binh Corporation. For people who love nature and adventure, Thung Nai promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience tourists will surely enjoy and would want to repeat.


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